DesignRegistry is a service for designers, artists, architects, makers, ideators, innovators and companies who wish to register Design Claims, who would want to conduct Design Releases or who wish to send Signed Posts.

Design Claims

A Design Claim is a piece of document to demonstrate that you had the possession of a design idea at a particular point in time. Each Design Claim includes the following information: 1. Designers’ / Creators’ Name, 2. Date of Claim, 3. Design Details and Images. Furthermore, the following information could be included: 1. Signatures of witnesses, 2. Time-stamp and date confirmation by third-party. The Design Claim document could be used to demonstrate that you had the possession of a design at a given point of time. Demonstrating that you had the possession of design information at a certain point of time could potentially beneficial in situations where you are accused of copying  a design, and might be helpful in demonstrating that you are the first or original creator of a project. Please kindly note that a Design Claim is not a patent, and therefore it does not provide the legal protection of a patent. Design Claim service is provided in two levels: Standard and Professional. The Standard service is a self-serve platform that allows the designer to provide a claim. The Professional service provides additionally storage at the DesignRegistry up to five (5) years.

Pricing Design Claims Standard Professional
  Single Design 5 Euro 50 Euro
  Three Designs 14 Euro 140 Euro
  Five Designs 22 Euro 220 Euro
  Ten Designs 40 Euro 400 Euro

Design Release

In most cases, patent laws state that any design which has already been published and made available to the public cannot be patented. The Design Release service is designed for designers, artists, architects, makers, ideators, innovators and companies who do not have the necessary funding to protect their designs and who would want to ensure that their ideas are not patented by anyone else either. By using this service, the idea owner publishes their designs at the Design Release platform, this action makes the design available to public and thus the design could no longer be patented  i.e. even the idea owner could not patent their own design any longer (except in some countries). Using Design Release service could potentially nullify or stop others from patenting your designs, but it does not stop people from copying or producing your products, it is aimed to stop patent trolls who would patent your own designs. Design Release service is provided at two levels: Standard and Professional. The Standard version concerns publishing the project details at the Design Release website, while the Professional version, is about a yearly publication where the piece of work is printed. Please kindly note that the Professional version is open to selected works only, not all works are accepted.

Pricing Design Claims Standard Professional
  Single Design 4 Euro 400 Euro
  Three Designs 11 Euro 1100 Euro
  Five Designs 17 Euro 1700 Euro
  Ten Designs 30 Euro 3000 Euro


Signed Post

The Signed Post service provided by DesignRegistry helps designers, artists, architects, ideators, innovators and companies to request additional information such as identity details, signed agreements and confirmation before intellectual properties such as images, designs, blueprints, technical details, project documentation, patent details, technical drawings and others could be delivered to third parties. The Signed Post platform allows the sender to receive documentation, signature and confirmation for the content to be delivered and the sender could choose which information to be requested from the recepient before delivery. Requests from the recepients could be for example signing a NDA agreement, personal identifications such as scan of identity documents, or signed custom agreements. The information provided by the recepient is forwarded to the sender for confirmation. Only if the sender confirms that the information is provided correctly by the recepient, the documents could be released and delivered to the final recepient. The Registered Email service is provided at two levels: Standard and Professional. The Professional service allows storage of the requested documents up to two (2) years.

Pricing Signed Post Standard Professional
  24 Pack 25 Euro / Year 250 Euro / Year
  72 Pack 500 Euro / Year 500 Euro / Year

The DesignRegistry is currently invitation only, a similar service called “Proof of Creation” is available at

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Disclaimer: Please kindly note that the designregistry is not a patent office nor it has legal status for registering designs, the services provided by the Design Registry shall not be confused by patent registrations.